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A Quick Trip to Maafushi

All nights of my 1.5 years stay in Maldives were spent in Male’. The chance to go far north or far south never presented itself – until recently.

With a little extra push, I finally decided to use my holiday to go a little further from the capital city and explore one of its most popular local islands, Maafushi. The game plan was to get a good quarter and just let the island take me from there.

There were 3 non-negotiables for the accommodation: it should be along the shore, have a sea view balcony, and must be 100 USD or less. It was super tough to find one but luckily enough, I found it in Velana Blu.

The hotel is located at the east shore side of the island; its balcony boasts the perfect ocean and sunrise view, and the room only costs 78 USD (work permit discounts are the best!). Check-in was a breeze and they gave complimentary breads and fresh cucumber agua fresca to welcome its guests.

The room was more than I hoped for, and as much as I want to stay there for my entire vacay,…

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