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Viva la fiesta at MedMex

Nothing else says “hola!” better than the vibrantcolors of MedMex.

This 20-seater restaurant nestled in the ground floor of LVIS Boutique is bringing the culinary hues of Mexico to Male’ City. Its wide array of offerings, ranging from the basic favorites like nachos and tacos, to distinct salads and tapas, gives any customer an introductory course to Mexican cuisine.

Lishan, the owner who humbly moonlights as a server, shared that he very much enjoyed his encounter of Mexican food during his travels that he decided to bring it to Maldives. He learned the workings of the cuisine for a full year and then trained chefs to kickstart MedMex.
So far, the market was receptive to the fresh and unique proposition that MedMex is putting forward in Male’s limited culinary selections. Oh, by the way, the name means Mediterranean + Mexican.
As I was on the hunt for a light but filling dinner, the Mexican Favorites in the menu didn’t disappoint. The vegetable fajitas served with tomato salsa was e…

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