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Let loose at Thulusdhoo (+ Birthday getaway!)

You reach a certain age when you stop expecting a big treat from anyone on your birthday; you just gotta give it to yourself.

Too bad, I reached that age this year.

Living in the Maldives, it’s obvious that one would want to spend their birthday in a resort. For days, I was doing my research on which resort would fit my budget-- but it was too challenging. With time and fund constraints, I decided to seek professional help from Indulge Maldives. Kristie, the Managing Director, willingly indulged me on my cry for help. She informed me that no resort can accommodate my limited budget and the days of my supposed getaway (why was I born the day before Valentine’s??).

“However, we can arrange something amazing for you at a local island!”

Yes, please. Just take me away from Male’.

Despite a few minor hiccups, Indulge Maldives has planned out everything for me, from the speedboat transfers and lodging to the excursions, a week before I was supposed to go. Kristie was very helpful and pa…

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