Challenge Accepted: 30 days of ACV

Everyone who's working on losing weight has heard of the magical Apple Cider Vinegar. Just google the thing and you'll see a long list of testimonials claiming drastic results from including ACV in their diets.

The most personal testimony for me was when my sister, Ellen, used ACV with Aztec Clay to rectify her oily skin. I noticed the changes on her face-- it looked healthier! The ACV did its job there so I figured that the other claims might ring true.


Based on the articles I've read, I expect the ACV to:

  • Improve my immune system
  • Give me a healthier gut and a regular bowel movement
  • Boost my energy especially in the mornings, and
  • Suppress my appetite
I was most excited with the 2nd point because I've long suffered from irregular bowel movements, serious gas pains, and a very sensitive gut. ACV gave me the hope that I desperately needed so on my first day, I mixed 4 tablespoons of it in a liter of water and kept drinking the solution in lieu of normal water.

That was a mistake.

I had loose bowel on my first night. In my mind, "this must be the ACV doing its magic!". After every toilet trip, I took more of the solution to "keep myself from getting dehydrated". It was the stupidest thing I did. I came across a user who mentioned the same thing and someone else replied to go easy on the ACV because we are introducing a new type of environment to our stomach. Gradually is the best way to go. I rested from ACV on Day 2 and came back to it Day 3 with a better understanding.

Taking ACV in the morning is said to maximize its benefits. You get energized and you don't binge eat before lunch time. So, I allowed it to seep in my morning cup of warm water and drank it like I do with tea. The bowels moved normally this time. Most importantly, it held me up until 3 p.m. I actually started this during Ramadan in Maldives which means we do not have lunch breaks and I only have my first meal of the day once I'm inside the confines of my home, after work. The long fasting hours didn't bother me at all as long as I have taken my ACV before leaving for office.


Do you know those annoying first 10 minutes in the morning where your voice is raspy, there's a block inside your nose, and on really bad days, the pain spreads to your eyes and temples? It's not serious because it usually goes later in the day, but it's not normal either. So, if you're suffering from those symptoms, I highly recommend taking ACV. It was completely gone! That was the first obvious effect I noticed since I started this challenge.

Moving on to more serious news, this was the most trying week when I needed the ACV to give me all of its bottled magic because it was period week. I expected the ACV to get rid of the bloating but, unfortunately, my uterus was more powerful.


It's the end of Ramadan, which means waking up at 6 a.m. again! This also means the ACV has more tasks to catch up. First, it needs to keep a non-morning person awake and ready for work. Second, it needs to keep me from dozing off by mid morning. Third, it should control my appetite so I don't ravish everything come lunch time.

Even from Day 1, ACV has kept its promise of keeping me awake and energized in the morning. Where it fell short, though, is on limiting my appetite. You see, my body is taking acid and needs to "balance it out" (according to Dr. Me) by craving for sweets! I've never had a sweet tooth except for the occasional ice cream and birthday cakes, so this was really weird. I gave in to the cravings at most once a day because YOLO, kids!


The moment of truth! I weighed 53 kgs before this challenge started but on the 2nd to the last day of taking ACV, I weighed--

52.4 KG!

My coach told me it's OK because I didn't need to lose weight in the first place.

Essentially, ACV helped lose the 600 grams by keeping me full in the morning despite the fact I don't eat breakfast. It also helped in the bowel movement, so I felt clean and light.

Contrary to some commentaries I've read, ACV DOES NOT burn the fat for you. It just gives your gut a better environment for easier digestion.

Bottom line here is: ACV is not the "miracle drink" others hyped it. Yes, it can help you but don't expect too much; but as a toner, my sister would highly recommend it (with Aztec clay!).

💗 Did the ACV work for you? Share with us! 💗


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