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When you're sharing two square kilometers with more than 100,000 (1) people, stumbling on a quiet place and just be alone with your thoughts is such a luxury. Gloria Jean's Coffees afforded me that privilege.

My first visit was on a Friday, and Gloria Jean's is nestled in Rasfannu bay area where everyone seems to go on Fridays. The initial plan was just to get an iced chocolate and find a spot where I can do some writing. If it's too crowded, then I'll bring my drink home.

The fast food resto ChicKing is located on the ground floor of the Pavillion. It was loud and crowded so I expected the second floor, where Gloria Jean's is, to be similar. I was so happy to be wrong.

A homey beach house vibe welcomed me when I entered the semi auto-sliding doors of Gloria Jean's. The rays of sunset passing through the glass windows while I look at crowds below going about their day made me feel tucked away and safe. GJ's al fresco area overlooks to the sea which was perfect for some writing inspo.

They have a rich coffee menu which many of my closest friends would surely love. As for me, the barista gladly offered me their bestseller in the non-coffee department -- their Iced Chocolate.

What impressed me most with Gloria Jean's is it was not frugal with space! As you know, Male' is a small city so the typical mindset here is every nook and cranny should be maximized for sales. However, when I sat on their cozy couch, the world became exclusive for me all of a sudden. There's no uninvited chatter from nearby tables, no obnoxious laughter, just the wind and a hint of a well-thought coffee shop playlist. This is the kind of vibe I was used to in the PH and I have already accepted I will not enjoy this kind "zoning out" here in Maldives, but Gloria Jean's came to my rescue!

Suffice to say, I was so productive that I finished 3 articles that day! My next Friday was already booked back to Gloria Jean's even before the first visit ended.

Whoa, and such a big surprise was waiting for me on my 2nd visit! Gloria Jean's expanded their offerings to include cakes, meals, and a classic breakfast menu! Without hesitation, I ordered this blueberry cheesecake that does not look anywhere close to the typical blueberry cheesecakes I've seen, and indeed tastes exceptional.

Lemon Shrimp and Chickpeas

People close to me know how my Fridays are so sacred. So, if I spend two consecutive Fridays with you, and I'm planning to see you again on the next, then you must be really special, Gloria Jean's.

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(1) Murphy, D. 2017. "Where is the world's densest city?" The Guardian. 11 May, accessed 17 June 2018.


  1. hehe ... what a nice article ! :-) Good luck with your writing and your blog.

    1. Hi, Martin! Thank you very much! See you around!! :)


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