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Maldivian Wedding Engagement Party

It's the season of love!

From where I'm standing, I'm seeing love all around me. First off, my cousin is getting married to his long-time boyfriend (super excited to go home for that!). Second, we got an invitation to a wedding engagement party in Male' City.

It was exciting because I haven't witnessed a traditional wedding, let alone an engagement party, here in the Maldives. The first questions were "what to bring" and "what to wear".

Uncle (the father of Jeico,the bride-to-be) told us it's custom to bring gifts during the wedding, but not on the engagement party. All we had to do was come in our traditional clothes and enjoy the night.

And we did!

We rented traditional skirts from a shop in Galolhu for only 53 rufiyaa. The boys got their own white top and bought feyli (sarong) for 75 rufiyaa at Lost Souvenirs.

Have a glimpse of that memorable engagement party with this video. Enjoy and happy Love Month!

Finding a job in paradise is easy

Landing a job in a country famous for being a tourist haven is what you may be striving for. You probably wouldn't be checking this post if you haven't thought of it at least once. 😉

There are 3 surefire online pages that can help you check your prospects:

WORKABROAD.PH (For Filipinos only)

Early of 2017, I was getting desperate to find a job after my Cebu break. I did an application marathon for 3 days straight; I surfed all possible sites and online pages with job ads until I reached It is similar to but specializes on job placements abroad.

Recruitment agencies are the main promoters in this site so if you send an application, most probably you will not be contacting your future employer directly but the agency-- except in very few instances.

The agency who received my application forwarded my credentials to the employer. The latter, in turn, reached me directly for a short interview and eventually, for the good news (yay!). Now that I landed a spot, the ball was back to the agency to support me with all the requirements to leave the country soon.

Give your employer a heads up of the lengthy POEA process and agency fees you need to pay so they can support you until you arrive in Maldives.


Citizens from all over the world can check this site for job opportunities in Maldives, especially in the island resorts. Job-Maldives posts fresh ads daily which means there's more variety for all types of industries. However, based on experience, response rate through Job-Maldives is really slow. Some called me back a month to 2 months after submission of application, while I had some who responded right away but mainly because of help from friends who are working with my prospect employer.

You may also check recently launched sites like Jobsicle, Ibay, and Maldives Jobs.


Social media unites the expat community in Maldives. The Facebook groups have become a platform to ask questions, share tips and stories, inform of promotions, sell items, and post job opportunities. Below are links of FB groups that you might want to join:

For Filipinos: Filipinos in Maldives

For All Foreign Expats in Maldives: Expats in Maldives

Happy job hunting!

💗 Do you have some questions? Go on, ask! 💗


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