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Situated along the busies commercial street of Malé City, Majeedhee Magu, is a quaint restaurant that your eyes will surely not miss despite the several distractions around.

Its glass doors give you a glimpse to the mouthwatering cakes. A menu stand featuring the specials is available outside just in case the cakes don't do the trick.

Secret Recipe Maldives is popular among locals for its cakes that have become staple for birthdays. As for me, its Asian menu captivated by heart.

Their Noodle Tom Yum Soup with varying levels of spiciness has made it in my list of top 3 comfort food in Malé. The glass noodles, generous amount of meat and vegetables, and the hot tom yum broth is enough to make any bad day better and a cold heart warm.

Noodle in Tom Yum Soup

Another noodle preference in Secret Recipe is their Japanese Soba, the only one at hand in Malé. Originally, this is mixed with chicken but when I developed chicken allergies recently, they were very willing to remove it from the recipe.

A generous serving of Japanese Soba

Among the honorable mentions in the Asian spectrum are its satay with peanut sauce, spring rolls, and Singapore laksa. For the Western cuisine, I highly recommend the beef lasagne.

Chicken Satay
One thing that Secret Recipe can improve on, however, is their consistency. Their flavors are hit and miss. When you try a new dish the first time and it's superb, don't expect it to taste the same way when you come back.

Now, to the "secret recipe". It appears that no one knows. I asked the gentleman who served me and he has no idea. The chef who was so gracious to join me on the table jokingly said, "it's out of stock." Although, he told me to eat there regularly to discover what this secret is. Seems like an intriguing marketing ploy to make me frequent the place. But with a distinct menu, cozy ambience, and a strategic location, Secret Recipe is already among the go-to comfort restos for locals and foreigners, alike.

Oh! Don't forget to give your meal a happy ending with a serving of Shinjuku Caramel Bake. Now, that one's flavor is a constant.

Shinjuku Caramel Bake

Do you know the actual secret? Tell us!


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