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We tried Liso Japanese Acupuncture!

Needles may be a scary thought to most. But after a session at Liso Japanese Acupunture Clinic in Cebu, we were converted! 

People, needles are your friends.

The right kind, anyways.

*** MEET EMIL “I’m an OFW based in Male’ City, and already on my late twenties.

"My work as airport rep involves walking long distances, and helping in heavy luggage. I also play basketball weekly and live quite an active lifestyle.

“Around October 2018, out of nowhere, I felt a sharp pain on my right shoulder. It hurt so badly, I can’t even do a proper free throw. The pain subsided after several weeks of liniment oil and traditional massage, but it never went away.

“The pain was too stubborn; I just accepted it’s going to be part of my life from then on. A slight discomfort every time I raise my right arm became a norm for 8 months. There’s a 1-second ‘ow!’ when I put on or take off my shirt or reach the top of a cupboard. Although I kept on complaining about it, I didn’t seek professional help…

Your agency would probably charge you these fees

You may have heard that working abroad is an investment. This is why parents spend a lot to send their kids to a maritime school or families sell properties in order to pay for a member's agency fees because they all know it's going to be worth it in the end.

You may also have heard of tragic stories of OFW hopefuls who were ruthlessly scammed by agencies. This could be avoided by 2 things:

First, choose an agency accredited by POEA.
You can find this information here.

Second, you should know what are the possible fees you have to pay and how much will it cost you.

There are four main fees that your agency will ask you to prepare:

(1) POEA Processing Fee - US$100 or PHP equivalent

(2) OWWA Membership Fee - US$25 or PHP equivalent; this is valid for 2 years.

(3) Placement Fee - usually equivalent to one month basic salary; this is what you pay the agency for "placing" you in a job.

(4) Medical Fees - average of Php 5,000

Optional fee:

(5) Documentation and agency processing fee - average of Php 10,000 for all the paper works. If you pay for this, it means the agency will pay for all clearances and certificates, you need to prepare. All you need to do is just show up. However, the average rate for this is too high compared when you process these paper works yourself.

These are the fees that you DON'T need to pay for:
  • Visa - Your employer should take care of your visa from their end, including all charges
  • Plane ticket - Since your potential employer made the decision to hire a foreign worker, it's also their responsibility to get you there.

💗 When in doubt, ask. 💗


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