How to maximize your one-day weekend

Malé City is boring af. There. I said it.

Both expats and locals would not even try to deny this fact.

To add there, most private industries have a 6-day work week which steers its employees to just sleep in on their day off since there’s not much to do in the city.

But one thing I learned from the very smart Dy kids is that “if you’re bored, then you’re boring”-- which totally makes sense! Bored people are not creative enough to do something interesting with their time, thus making them a boring person.

Here are 10 ideas on how you can make the most of your lone weekly holiday other than staying on bed.

1. Villingili picnics

Of course, this has to be first. The quiet island of Villingili that is only 5 mins from Malé makes a perfect place for brunch or late afternoon snacks while burying your feet on the soothing sand.

Having the shore to myself -ish.

2. Water sports in Hulhumale

Hulhumale will never run out of affordable water sports you can do on your free day. Bring your friends, as many as possible, and enjoy the short thrills of banana boat, fun tube, jetski, SUP, and more!

Avail 1,000MVR package for banana boat, fun tube, and jetski good for 8 pax. Sweet deal!

3. Watch a movie

Schwack Cinema is updated with the latest Hollywood and Bollywood blockbusters. For only 100 MVR, you can sit back and watch on their relatively new and cozy cinema in Hulhumale. The Malé branch, however, badly needs renovation.

Manners maketh man

4. Practice your strokes

With the sea literally surrounding you, you will not have an excuse not to learn to swim. There are freelance instructors in Villingili and Hulhumale who can coach you for a minimal fee or you can ask a friend to swim with you in Rasfannu.

For beginners, you can practice at Rasfannu

5. Café hopping

The variety of international cuisine is not that flourishing in Malé City, but every café has something special to offer if you just look closely. There is one known for its unconventional blueberry cheesecakes, another one for meticulously counting calories, and even that sketchy coffee shop offers a bomb red hot ginger. Explore!

Modus Operandi's special red hot ginger

6. Sweat it out!

In a crowded city, it is easy to fall into the traps of idleness. Remarkably, when it comes to fitness, there's so much space to move around. The Boduthakurufaanu Magu road is a good route if you want to cover the entire Male' City during your run, otherwise you can jog around Ekuveni Cricket Grounds or the oval in the National Stadium. Enroll in a gym if you want to challenge yourself more.

Boot camp time at Fit Studio!

7. BBQ at Rasfannu

Rasfannu has built-in BBQ stations where you can grill your fresh catch from the coast. It's one of the top social activities by both expats and locals especially during holidays or if a friend is celebrating their birthday.

Just for fun: What's wrong with this picture?

8. Drinks at Hulhule

Hold up: expats only! Champs Bar starts to serve drinks at 6 p.m, so if you want to maximize your day, head to the poolside bar. Cheers to a fun-filled weekend!

Perks of being early at Champs Bar in HIH

9. Volunteer

Many organizations need an extra hand, let it be for beach clean ups, youth sports camps, health awareness, and so many more. Better yet, bring your friends together and organize your own civic activity. There's no day wasted if you're having fun while giving back to the community.

Bisdaks gathering to support a Filipino band in Maldives, the Edge Band.

10. Go underwater

This is the ultimate getaway. Whether it's a snorkelling trip or signing for open water diving lessons, nothing beats going underwater, away from all the noise. The mindfulness that comes with slow breathing while watching sea creatures go about their day is beyond extraordinary.

The underworld is waiting!


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