Calorie Counter does the math for you

When trying to lose weight or build mass, there are 2 things you need to focus on: physical activity and calorie intake.

Several apps and digitized machines can help you see if you're doing the right amount of exercise. Tallying calories, however, cannot be accurately done without proper education. So, this is where Calorie Counter comes in.

Calorie Counter is a no fuss restaurant located in the corner of Abadhah Ufaa Magu and Asrafee Magu, Malรฉ City. The green exterior screams healthy, while the bright interiors and wooden panels suggest an energized vibe which seems perfect after an intense gym session.

Calorie Counter's counter and open kitchen setup

Rohan, one of the head chefs, explained that each item on the menu follows a precise serving in order to get an accurate calorie count. They stick with the basics like using only salt, pepper, and lime to season their meat so as to avoid more calories. Anyhow, the emphasis is on the rich flavour of the ingredients that are freshly delivered from New Zealand (beef), Sri Lanka (produce), or locally sourced (fish).

Grilled Items Menu. For other items, check Calorie Counter's Facebook page.

The menu was so diverse - from smoothie bowls to main courses - with calorie information for each one. In the end, I opted for a grilled tuna steak. Grilled items come with a choice of carbohydrates and vegetables.

Grilled Tuna Steak with Couscous and Steamed Vegetables

My plate was a colorful array and at the right portion for one. I took my first bite and I just had to close my eyes to savour the flavours playing in my mouth. The fusion of the perfectly seasoned grilled tuna, the sting of fennel seeds, the chewy sundried tomatoes, the creamy aioli, and the texture of couscous was such a pleasurable experience.

It's easy to associate healthy food to bland and bitter tastes, but Calorie Counter does a good job in making healthy eating something to look forward. If there was no calorie count on the menu, I would have probably asked for a second portion because the whole meal was really delicious. Kudos to Rohan!

To cleanse my palate, I had their bestselling lemon and honey tea. The serving was simple and reminded me of tea breaks at home-- basically, just a cup of tea and a separate honey jar. Amjad, Calorie Counter's Front Office Executive, disclosed that their restaurant does not use sugar; understandably so, since sugar is jam-packed with calories. "Our juices are purely fruit extracts, no add-on water. Only fresh milk and none of those non-fat. And no other oils but olive oil," Amjad proudly stated.

Amjad and Rohan are all smiles while making sure I eat healthy

Right now, they are offering meal plans to gym goers and health buffs who want to watch their calories. Calorie Counter prepares a custom meal plan for every individual depending on their fitness goals. So, there's no need to Google how many calories are inside your lunch; they take care of that for you. All you need to do is eat. And isn't that what we all want?

What's your favorite from Calorie Counter?


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