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We tried Liso Japanese Acupuncture!

Needles may be a scary thought to most. But after a session at Liso Japanese Acupunture Clinic in Cebu, we were converted! 

People, needles are your friends.

The right kind, anyways.

*** MEET EMIL “I’m an OFW based in Male’ City, and already on my late twenties.

"My work as airport rep involves walking long distances, and helping in heavy luggage. I also play basketball weekly and live quite an active lifestyle.

“Around October 2018, out of nowhere, I felt a sharp pain on my right shoulder. It hurt so badly, I can’t even do a proper free throw. The pain subsided after several weeks of liniment oil and traditional massage, but it never went away.

“The pain was too stubborn; I just accepted it’s going to be part of my life from then on. A slight discomfort every time I raise my right arm became a norm for 8 months. There’s a 1-second ‘ow!’ when I put on or take off my shirt or reach the top of a cupboard. Although I kept on complaining about it, I didn’t seek professional help…

Viva la fiesta at MedMex

Photo from Med Mex's Facebook page

Nothing else says “hola!” better than the vibrant colors of MedMex.

This 20-seater restaurant nestled in the ground floor of LVIS Boutique is bringing the culinary hues of Mexico to Male’ City. Its wide array of offerings, ranging from the basic favorites like nachos and tacos, to distinct salads and tapas, gives any customer an introductory course to Mexican cuisine.

There's a fresh menu sheet that serves as a placemat on every seat.

Lishan, the owner who humbly moonlights as a server, shared that he very much enjoyed his encounter of Mexican food during his travels that he decided to bring it to Maldives. He learned the workings of the cuisine for a full year and then trained chefs to kickstart MedMex.

So far, the market was receptive to the fresh and unique proposition that MedMex is putting forward in Male’s limited culinary selections. Oh, by the way, the name means Mediterranean + Mexican.

As I was on the hunt for a light but filling dinner, the Mexican Favorites in the menu didn’t disappoint. The vegetable fajitas served with tomato salsa was energizing. The crunch of the fresh vegetables wrapped on tortilla flour, and the strong contrast of tomato salsa was exceptionally enjoyable to the taste buds.

Vegetable fajitas

It would be silly to go to MedMex without trying their tacos. As far as I know, they’re the only ones selling it in this city. Although I was expecting an overflowing taco shell, the flavor and the spot-on proportion of stuffing and shell made up for it.

Chicken Tacos

To end the meal in a cheesy note, I opted for the vegetable quesadillas. I know, I know. I said I wanted a light but filling dinner but this trip to MedMex was anything but light. Once you taste a dish, you’d be curious how the other dishes would turn out. Swear, you can’t help but order more! Still, if you want to stick to the familiar path, the trifecta of nachos, burritos, and Mexican rice are the bestsellers, according to Lishan.

Vegetable quesadilla

MedMex is even more delightful because of its affordable prices! Although some spices are different to find, they see to it that people in Male’ will enjoy Mexican food without breaking the bank. Gracias for that!

Back to basics with this cuppa

The satisfied smile after a delicioso meal 😄

Check out MedMex on Facebook and @medmexcafe on Instagram.


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