A Quick Trip to Maafushi

All nights of my 1.5 years stay in Maldives were spent in Male’. The chance to go far north or far south never presented itself – until recently.

With a little extra push, I finally decided to use my holiday to go a little further from the capital city and explore one of its most popular local islands, Maafushi. The game plan was to get a good quarter and just let the island take me from there.

There were 3 non-negotiables for the accommodation: it should be along the shore, have a sea view balcony, and must be 100 USD or less. It was super tough to find one but luckily enough, I found it in Velana Blu.

Go Maafushi boats have free water, candies, and Wi-Fi. Winner!

It was not a mistake to book at Velana!

The hotel is located at the east shore side of the island; its balcony boasts the perfect ocean and sunrise view, and the room only costs 78 USD (work permit discounts are the best!). Check-in was a breeze and they gave complimentary breads and fresh cucumber agua fresca to welcome its guests.

Maruhaba, indeed!

I can hear the bed calling...

...but the call of the ocean is stronger.

No doubt, that rainshower behind me is the highlight of the whole room.

The room was more than I hoped for, and as much as I want to stay there for my entire vacay, I needed to see what else Maafushi has in store for me. After freshening up, the first order of business was to stroll around the island and catch the sunset. A humble bench at the Bikini Beach area seemed to be the perfect spot. It was the most peaceful dusk I have ever had in Maldives -- to take out my phone for a photo would just ruin the moment.

A lot of hotels were offering dinner buffet but I decided to head to Arena Hotel's buffet dinner. Normally, it costs 12 USD++ but if you show your work permit, taxes and additional charges are waived. The buffet selection was varied and there's also a grill station, so going there was worth the price.

Liquor is not allowed in the island but you may approach your hotel's receptionist and ask to arrange a trip to the nearest safari boat for you. A dingy will take you from Maafushi jetty to a boat where you can get drinks and have a good time. That's what most of the tourists in the island certainly did (including me!!).

Velana offers free use of bikes so I can't let that pass. I woke up as early as 5:30 a.m. to bike around the island and catch the sunrise. It was such a precious morning-- I felt safe and comfortable with my bike on the road knowing there won't be speeding motorcycles unlike in the capital city. Sadly, the view of the rising sun was covered by dark clouds that day.

Biking at 5:30 am to catch the sunrise 💗

Maldivian x Western breakfast

Would love to take home this balcony

After breakfast and a quick yoga sesh, it's swimming time! I headed to the Bikini Beach and rented a sunbed at 5 USD for the whole day. The sand was so fine but still, be careful with sharp rocks scattered here and there.

There were guys handing out food delivery flyers so I tried out one for lunch. The food was delivered to me straight at my mini beachside lounge in 45 minutes, as promised!

The transfer back to Male' was booked at 8:00 p.m. but I had to check-out at 12:00 n.n. Velana was so gracious in processing the check-out while keeping my bags and assuring me of a bathroom to shower before leaving the island.

Speaking of leaving the island, I didn't want to! My vacay in Maafushi is all about basking on the Maldivian sun for the whole day, warm waters for a dip every now and then, and strolling around the island in peace -- the kind of life I would want to live every. single. day. 💗

Is it Maldives without a swing?

I can stay here for weeks!

Chillin like a villain



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