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Maldivian Wedding Engagement Party

It's the season of love!

From where I'm standing, I'm seeing love all around me. First off, my cousin is getting married to his long-time boyfriend (super excited to go home for that!). Second, we got an invitation to a wedding engagement party in Male' City.

It was exciting because I haven't witnessed a traditional wedding, let alone an engagement party, here in the Maldives. The first questions were "what to bring" and "what to wear".

Uncle (the father of Jeico,the bride-to-be) told us it's custom to bring gifts during the wedding, but not on the engagement party. All we had to do was come in our traditional clothes and enjoy the night.

And we did!

We rented traditional skirts from a shop in Galolhu for only 53 rufiyaa. The boys got their own white top and bought feyli (sarong) for 75 rufiyaa at Lost Souvenirs.

Have a glimpse of that memorable engagement party with this video. Enjoy and happy Love Month!

We tried Liso Japanese Acupuncture!

Needles may be a scary thought to most. But after a session at Liso Japanese Acupunture Clinic in Cebu, we were converted! 

People, needles are your friends.

The right kind, anyways.



“I’m an OFW based in Male’ City, and already on my late twenties.

"My work as airport rep involves walking long distances, and helping in heavy luggage. I also play basketball weekly and live quite an active lifestyle.

“Around October 2018, out of nowhere, I felt a sharp pain on my right shoulder. It hurt so badly, I can’t even do a proper free throw. The pain subsided after several weeks of liniment oil and traditional massage, but it never went away.

“The pain was too stubborn; I just accepted it’s going to be part of my life from then on. A slight discomfort every time I raise my right arm became a norm for 8 months. There’s a 1-second ‘ow!’ when I put on or take off my shirt or reach the top of a cupboard. Although I kept on complaining about it, I didn’t seek professional help anymore because it became bearable.”


“I went home to Cebu for my annual leave when Erica asked me if I want to join her at Liso Japanese Acupuncture. My first thought was I never tried acupuncture before so I took the chance. At this point, I forgot that I have a specific pain that needs to be treated. The only reasons why I was there are because I’m curious and Erica said it’s going to be relaxing.

“So, I went initially for General Relaxation. When Sensei Ichi was assessing my acupoints, only then I remembered my shoulder injury. I told Sensei about it and he started to focus on that by asking questions and pressing parts on and around my shoulder. Then, he placed needles on my shoulder and my arms. What’s surprising is I didn’t feel any of those except for a little tingle after a couple of minutes.

When you got an Acupuncture Sensei working on you, there's nothing else to do but relax.

Moxa and needles doing their magic on that right shoulder

“There was a shiny object on my peripheral vision so I asked Erica, who is on the other station, if there’s a needle on my face. I panicked a little when she said yes. There was also some moxa placed on my body but I couldn’t remember anymore because I just fell asleep. For someone who finds it so hard to fall asleep, that was second to the best part. Of course, the best part was when Sensei removed the needles and asked me to move my right arm, the pain was TOTALLY GONE! No discomforts or even a little hint of pain.

“Too cheesy to say this but it felt like I was given a new chance at life. I was smiling the whole time after the session. I reached for my back. I raised my arms. I acted like I was gonna shoot a 3-point shot. And in all those, I waited for the pain which never came. All thanks to Sensei Ichi and Liso! I hope more people would discover Liso Japanese Acupuncture and how it can reset you like brand new.”



By this time, I hope you already know that Expat Erix is me, Erica. Hehe

Most working expats tend to pamper themselves whenever they visit their home country. First, your trusted hairdresser, masseuse, or whoever is at home. You know they’ll deliver great service as they did for many years already. Second, it’s way cheaper here (especially when you’re from the Philippines!).

When I went home on June, I knew my body is bound for some fine tuning. It was well-timed that my former colleague, Jonie, suggested I try out Liso Japanese Acupuncture. I headed to Cebu from my hometown Mati to experience what Liso has to offer.

I was booked for Beauty Acupuncture with Kazu. It was easy to be comfy around Kazu’s gentle demeanor. He asked me what ailments I want to be corrected, skin- and face-wise. I told him about my early traces of double chin (which could be genetic as I have my mom’s face shape), and occasional dry skin despite regular application of moisturizer.

Kazu showed me the needles he will be using. He enlightened me that Beauty Acupuncture stimulates collagen production for a supple skin and to get rid of wrinkles and sag. Before he placed the needles on my face, he gave me a heads up on which parts would hurt. But the maximum pain was only equal to being bitten by an ant so it was not that scary.

I didn't realize I had *this much!* of needles on me.

It's not as scary as it looks!

Enjoying the tingles

He also placed needles and moxa on my legs. Moxa is made up of leaves that Kazu heated up and placed on my pressure points. It is to stimulate the body’s nerve network and relieve illnesses caused by cold energy. I felt the warmth flow through me— and at this point, I remembered my IBS. 

My periodic anxiety spells of many years has resulted to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). A little discomfort or new environment brings me constipation and gas pains. I told Kazu about this and he immediately placed moxa and needles, interestingly, on my shins and arms. The last thing I remember before falling asleep was the wonderful warmth coursing through my body.

I remember I had a blister here from a bug bite. That one was also gone after the moxa and acupuncture treatment.

I didn't feel this at all.

And what a sleep it was! I woke up 30 minutes later feeling refreshed. Although short, it was the soundest sleep I had in months. Kazu has removed the needles already so I started gathering my things. My steps were light, and my body was relaxed. Oh, how I missed that feeling!


For some people, Beauty Acupuncture effects are immediate while it takes time for others. For me, I was scared that the results might not show because (1) I was in Cebu which meant catching up and late nights with my classmates and friends, and (2) hello alcohol and dehydration week!

The direct effect, though, was feeling sleepy right after the session. I had to change my plans that afternoon and enjoyed a looong siesta.

The next day, Emil noticed that my skin was glowing. I brushed him off and thought he was just being cheesy, but he seriously told me to look at my face in the mirror.

These photos were taken on the 1st and 2nd days after the session.

It was the same for the following days despite not wearing foundation, sleepless nights, an early flight, and hours of travel. My skin didn’t dry up and it was, in fact, glowing. My face was so smooth and looked so healthy, like I did the 10-step Korean skincare routine. 😆

For those with IBS, you guys understand that travels are a scary thought. New food and unpredictable schedules can trigger the symptoms. But after the session at Liso, I was not bothered by my stomach. My bowel movement was even regular since then!

If I was only based in Cebu, I would definitely sign up for regular sessions. We can’t really expect extreme improvements from one session alone. But that first session with Liso Japanese Acupuncture is super relaxing and pretty much painless— so definitely it will not be the last time! 

We were so much in the zone.

Here's me and Kazu!

For appointments at Liso Japanese Acupuncture, call +639175647927 or visit them at Unit 102 Teresita Apartment, cor. Orchid and Jasmine Sts., Capitol Site, Cebu City.


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