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Maldivian Wedding Engagement Party

It's the season of love!

From where I'm standing, I'm seeing love all around me. First off, my cousin is getting married to his long-time boyfriend (super excited to go home for that!). Second, we got an invitation to a wedding engagement party in Male' City.

It was exciting because I haven't witnessed a traditional wedding, let alone an engagement party, here in the Maldives. The first questions were "what to bring" and "what to wear".

Uncle (the father of Jeico,the bride-to-be) told us it's custom to bring gifts during the wedding, but not on the engagement party. All we had to do was come in our traditional clothes and enjoy the night.

And we did!

We rented traditional skirts from a shop in Galolhu for only 53 rufiyaa. The boys got their own white top and bought feyli (sarong) for 75 rufiyaa at Lost Souvenirs.

Have a glimpse of that memorable engagement party with this video. Enjoy and happy Love Month!

Mini Clean Up at Hulhumale

Hello 2020!

Who else felt like January was the whole year? Dang, it was too long!
But before we finally said goodbye to that year of a month, we did a clean up at Hulhumale'. We welcomed February with a cleaner surrounding and more eco-conscious hearts.

A total of 70 participants helped in this noble cause. Expatriates Environmental Initiative (EEI), AKRHO Maldives, and Divers Association of Maldives were the driving force behind the activity. I'm a member of the first 2 orgs, and as a certified diver, I'd claim I'm a default member of DAM (haha! please take me in, Ashraf 😂)

Clean-ups are happy-sad days for me. Of course, it's happy because you see all these people taking an hour out of their busy schedules to help. You can see the eagerness to solve a problem.

It's sad, well, because of obvious reasons. We're not supposed to do clean-ups in the first place if everyone is doing their part in waste management.

See the gravity of the problem, and the efforts of like-minded people in solving it. Happy watching!


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