Flying Home to Davao with Singapore Airlines

The thought of going home is what keeps most OFWs inspired each day.

When I started my overseas journey, I have never imagined being this excited in going back to my little hometown. I have been away since I was 16, so it shouldn't be a big deal. But it is! Cebu may be far from Mati but I still get to enjoy my comfort food, speak the local language, and most things around are familiar.

Maldives, on the other hand, is a total 180. My fellow Kabayans could relate when I say that being deployed on our workplaces mean depriving ourselves of all the pleasures we got used to. We just anticipate for the time we can finally be home and enjoy all the good in our simple worlds.

This year, February 19 marked the start of my long-awaited heaven. My sister, Emil, Ate Jess, Blanche, and I are flying home!

Blanche is busy playing with her newfound friend

We're flying by SG Airlines with a stopover in Singapore. After which, Ate Jess & Blanche will take the next direct flight to Cebu, while the 3 of us are taking the noon flight to Cebu with a short stop at Davao. 

Roaming Changi Airport

Enjoy the breeze (& tarmac noise) at the Sunflower garden!

Our last leg of flight: SG-DVO

That excited, happy, grateful feeling when you land on your destination

I’m taking you with us on this trip so you can see the reality for OFWs-- just so we can be with our loved ones. The ending is super sweet! Enjoy!


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