First Day out of Lockdown!

When I got the you-may-go-out message, you bet I jumped out of bed and took a shower sooo fast I had a head rush lol. I was just so excited to finally leave home!

To be honest, going to office was the last on my post-lockdown list. HIH and Crossroads were vying for the 2nd place. The beach, of course, holds the top spot.

Welp! At least, I get to go out of the house now! Of course, precautions should be taken. The new normal, or as I call it "newrmal" *patent pending!*, means wearing face masks, sanitizing every now and then, and maintaining a safe distance from others. It wouldn't be that difficult for an OC like me.

That 2 months of "house arrest", I'm not gonna lie, was a much needed staycation. A burnout feeling was lingering after the 2020 Pinas holiday. It felt like everything was too fast, and I was not able to really enjoy the moment. The lockdown gave me time to step back, reset and ponder on how I can be more and still be happy. :)

I'm coming out of lockdown with a clearer mind and a better perspective. That's why I'm so excited when I got the confirmation that I can go back to the office-- and thus, this vlog. Join me on my first day of freedom, and may you have your own little victories despite the circumstances we're facing.

Stay safe, sweetlings!


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