About EE

There are days I feel the world is too big.
There's so much more out there waiting to be explored.

There are days I feel the world is too small.
Our brains can't just be bound by this mix of sea and land.

Then, there are days I feel the world's immensity is just right.
We meet the right people at the right time,
either when we need them or they need us.
Everything just falls into place.

This page strives for more days like that.

My name's Erix, a Filipino expat based in Male' City, Maldives. I'd like to say I was born citizen of the world but I've only been to 3 countries as of this writing, really. My degree in Communication paved the way for me to take various roles in my career: an advertiser, an international purchase manager, and a JOURNEYLIST.

Being a journeylist drives me to practice the art of taking you with me without you being actually here. Let's share the joys and pains in this vast sea of differences.

Alongside my love to journal my journeys, I'm living the exciting life of an expat. I love my day job with a diving solutions company, while I indulge on all possible food flavours and short-term wellness challenges out there -- short-term because I'm bad at commitments. Ironically, I have devoted my talents to steer clear of writer's block. After all, I am a writer above all else;

And writers are among the few who can shrink or grow the world into just the right size.

You have my utmost gratitude for swinging by, and I hope we can enjoy this journey together. 💗


  1. Hi! Thanks so much for sharing all this useful information - I just moved to Male yesterday and have been scouring your site! Wondering if you have any advice for meeting people on the island?


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